13 Secrets to Success

  1. Exercise and carefully tend to your mental health.
    In good health, everything matters. In poor health, nothing matters. Socialize. Socialization is critical to your mental health and knowledge. Get out and meet the world.
  2. Your entire life should be focused on finding love in yourself and others.
    When seeking love, be selfish. When finding mutual love, give all. Accept that everyone has the right to love who they want to love. Who you choose to be your partner is the most important decision of your life.
  3. Pay attention to the meanings of all faiths and religions.
  4. Dead is Dead.
    Pay attention to the people alive and being alive. The dead are not coming back, ever. Let them be in peace. In life there will be pain. Deal with it.
  5. Practice kindness, not weakness.
    Avoid being codependent.
  6. Keep your word.
    Be responsible for your mistakes. Be honest all the time but also forgive yourself and others.
  7. Never envy the more fortunate, never bully the misfortunate.
    Be thankful. Don’t be prejudiced or selfish.
  8. Avoid all types of addiction.
  9. Communicate thoroughly with detail.
    Listen closely and accept that it is never as it seems. People have agendas. Cut through the BS.
  10. Be resilient and persistent.
    Get back up when you get knocked down.
  11. Respect the physical world.
    Physicists, Artists, Tradespeople, Makers all have a valuable perspective that tends to be close to nature.
  12. What you think matters.
    If everyone believes what you believe, question the validity. If no one believes what you believe, question the validity. But think differently.
  13. The Wildcard:
    Never rely on a list to lead you. Forge forward in life and learn from your mistakes. Develop what works for you. Success has many meanings.