December Horoscopes 2019

Aries :: March 20-April 20

You may find yourself feeling distant, and consider the thoughts (your thoughts) that make you feel as though you’re losing control. Become willing to change the vantage point of thought. Realize that all thoughts and where you direct these thoughts are actually in your own control. 

Taurus :: April 20-May 21

What is your true intention? If it is to seek truth, begin to look inward. Consider adjusting your own output and expectations of others input to best support you in the here and now. Let go of what you think to let be, what is known.

Gemini :: May 21-June 21

Put in time, and go overboard. Your hard work will pay off (as it has) and although you are  comfortable with solidarity and solitude, consider the role complacency has had on your current circumstances. Are you really comfortable? I suppose not, because you have let go and feel a need to once again have control. Now is not the time to become complacent.

Cancer :: June 21-July 23

Intimacy can be scary when we are avoiding exposure of our own vulnerabilities. You may want to know the “real you” and it is only by revealing truth that one can do so. Perhaps consider feeding yourself well spiritually and you will avoid the pitfalls of drowning in your own “information.” 

Leo :: July 23-Aug 23

Troubled, you may become when you learn to love uncertainty. There is a solution, and it is entirely dependant on your calming mind. Bend, willingly, before you feel broken. Fix what you can, and let be, what you feel is out of your control.

Virgo :: Aug 23-Sep23

Fall because it is safe. When we feel a decline in energy and creativity, we must take action. Loss is a part of life. Let your heart break before it happens by the means of another being. If you feel hurt, take responsibility for your part in your own descent. 

Libra :: Sep23-Oct23

Take your own advice. When circulating endlessly around the same central point, remember that it is just that…the same never ending point. It won’t change, but you will, by realizing that you are here and all else is elsewhere and still.

Scorpio :: Oct23-Nov22

Have you taken the time to check in with yourself? Have you avoided caring because you can’t define why? Seek rather than search and all the answers will come to you. Its okay to be still. Have you found yourself dwelling in what could, should or would have happened? Distance yourself from anything that you feel is preventing you from arriving home in your heart.

Sagittarius :: Nov22-Dec22

Gather information to take action. Utilize all avenues available to you and take your own inventory to arrive where you’ve been heading all along. Invest in yourself through prior planning and you will feel satisfied, satiated and sublime.

Capricorn :: Oct23-Nov22

We learn as the earth turns. While we learn, from one another, human nature can promote feelings of jealousy and envy, and in turn, we are often too harsh on ourselves. Be gentle with yourself and you will find that the revolving world is your canvas, entirely blank, without preconceptions. You will not only find, but recreate this truth so you will understand.

Aquarius :: Jan20-Feb18

Listen to your intuition and you will find that all is not stagnant, including you. Maintain your momentum and you will not only find, but see. You are capable of manifesting a great beginning and you have already begun. Notice how far you’ve come, and how far you’ve ought to go.

Pisces :: Feb18-Mar20

Strengthen all of your senses through self awareness. Any sense of disappointment is probably self inflicted. You may feel the need to dispose this upon others, but instead, just acknowledge that any change begins with self. Encourage your own self by becoming wholly self reliant.