Las Vegas Sees Murder Rate Rise

In a serendipitous interview with a Las Vegas crime scene investigator, the CSI claimed that murder involving the illegal marijuana trade has risen. The CSI said, “We see that marijuana has been in some way involved during our investigations. Whether it’s a deal gone bad or in response to an argument, we typically find cash and marijuana at the scene.” The CSI said that although cannabis is legal, the team has seen an increase in violent activity. The CSI did say that their investigators recognize that cannabis is a billion-dollar industry. did not have a chance to ask if the CSI would recommend the legal purchase, only to curb the violence.

Liberals love gun control and cannabis legalization

Many users of cannabis are in favor of gun control; the Blue States are driving the majority of legalization.

The biggest claim by Pro-Cannabis advocates is that legalization would curb violence from the illicit trade of marijuana. It may take some time to move users from their easy to use illegal sources to the growing and safe, legal dispensaries.

Growth in weed sales

There will likely be growth in new users that will drive the legal trade and possibly the illegal market. It is still unknown if the established adult user will turn away from the often less expensive and illicit, efficient distribution channels.

Comments from the Brothers

In New Jersey, while interviewing several marijuana dealers from Neptune, NJ and Jersey City, NJ, the word is that “the more government legalizes weed, the more money to be made, mainly because it is about quantity”. A few added, “the government wants taxes and control, but that is not what the consumer wants, and the customer is always right”.

Opinion: Investment continues to rise in the cannabis industry in all areas of the industry. Cannabis is the new frontier for investment. Buying weed is still the Wild West for users. The cartel controls the illegal distribution of marijuana. The question is undoubtedly Guns and or Legal Cannabis. Politicians and the lobbyists should quickly decide how they plan on moving those operating in the illegal trade of marijuana into the legal business of cannabis. Limiting licenses to limit competition is just plain murder. For a long, long time, we have allowed the government to get out of control by passing laws that strategically exclude the market building criminal element from turning straight.