Monthly Horoscopes

Aries .. Mar 20 – Apr 20

Accept the present as it is, and the past, as it was. By doing so, you will sustain a clear vision of what is to come. By honoring your highest purpose and living your greatest good, you are allowing yourself to be carried by the high frequency of positivity that resounds through your being. 

Taurus .. Apr 20 – May 21

Although you may feel scrutinized when critiqued by others, accepting criticism encourages individual empowerment. As you listen without reacting, sincerity transpires. If you find yourself internalizing your emotions in response, understand that what is being said is most likely coming from a place of compassion. 

Gemini .. May 21 – Jun 21

Of course there is reason to rationalize; hearing an explanation in your own voice may offer you comfort, but will surely impede on your own personal growth. When you resort to reasoning, you in turn, suppress the genuinity within life’s many lessons. Remain open to receive to reclaim your own authenticity.

Cancer .. Jun 21 – Jul 23

As the mind winds to find a way out, a way to detach from feeling or revealing a truth, remembrance of accumulating yesterdays may inspire you to stop spinning. Fear is what stifles us from acceptance and eventually we become convinced that we are comfortable in whatever pervasive spiral we’re within. Trust that you will not be dizzy as you unravel.

Leo .. Jul 23 – Aug 23

If you feel bent out of shape, remember that you are not broken. Reading into the torn pages of your past, you are likely rebelling against yourself, and perhaps repenting against your own truth. Find comfort in knowing that you can and will heal. Through finding comfort in patience, you will reach a place of renewal and reprieve.

Virgo .. Aug 23 – Oct 23

Become aware of what, in you, changes form. Undulating between both endings and beginnings alike, flow with this pulse that is your own. The only way out is to first return inward. Be gentle with yourself as you heal into a new beginning and through an ending that may still be impending.

Libra .. Oct 23 – Sept 23

Your thoughts, feelings, as well as your physical self, have accumulated energies through all of life’s experiences. Take an intuitive leap to define your innate desire to heal. The most optimal outcome, is yet to come. Release will follow honest awareness of the soundless space within your being.

Scorpio .. Oct 23 – Nov 22

You have a choice in your life’s path. By consciously choosing to let go of the thoughts circling around elements that are out of your hands, you can then identify a new source of motivation. Impulsively dissecting all that runs through the mind manifests stagnance and may leave you feeling consumed by the true discomfort of apprehension.

Sagittarius .. Nov 22 – Dec 22

Have you found comfort hinging onto a habit or current quality of life? Exclusively relying on familiarity will only prolong discomfort as you journey towards change. Although attachment to any particular person, place or thing may feel essential to remain stable and secure, it is significant to consider the repercussions that can follow any blind devotion.

Capricorn .. Dec 22 – Jan 20

Embrace the therapeutic value of sharing a life experience with another individual. You may have, or are just beginning to near self-forgiveness. If there is a relationship in your life that has become distant, allow it to be. Someone will meet you where you’re at, if you’re willing to do the same.

Aquarius .. Jan 20 – Feb 18
You may be on the fray. By becoming solution oriented, you will not only find, but come to know your serene center. Don’t waste time trifling aloud and please quiet your reactivity. This does not mean silence, distance or accommodation, but does allow for compassion and will raise the vibration in extending relationships.

Pisces .. Feb 18 – Mar 20
Your worldview directly affects the way you interact with the world. Close your eyes to open a new door and re-perceive life as you think you know it. Coming into collide, are the waves of your life. What have you been putting up with? What are you enduring that is not of your own? Take a moment, for yourself to wonder.