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Hi Hannah, can you tell me what it means when a woman cries after she orgasms?

  • Jared from San Diego

Hi Jared,

I recently pondered this same question. There are many reasons as to why a woman would cry directly after experiencing this pleasure. When a woman is experiencing the radiance of both relief and pleasure, crying in itself, is a release, as well as an escape from a known sense of confinement. As an orgasm allows one to “escape” in one way or another, this derives from the release of oxytocin (the cuddle molecule.) Crying is an expression and manifestation of escape from constriction. Remember, the brain is the strongest sexual organsm. Tears can build on an unconscious impulse. An orgasm could trigger the reaction of crying because of all that is happening simultaneously within the mind. Tears release dopamine, as does kissing, making love, and intimate skin to skin contact.

Experiencing any release, a woman is certainly feeling a wide array of emotions, stemming from uncertainty, connection, dependance, fear, attachment and/or detachment, all the while facing the restraint of these thoughts. Needless to say the building of these emotions come to the surface when we are most vulnerable. Be well, and allow all fluids to flow 😉

Blessings in your own fluidity, Jarod.


  • – – Hannah
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